the ‘panasonic lumix DMC-FX90’ features integrated wi-fi for image uploading and sharing

an ordinary facade conceals technological innovation in the panasonic lumix DMC-FX90, a portable 12-megapixel camera with integrated wi-fi for instant image uploading and transfer.

the camera syncs directly with local wi-fi networks via a dedicated wi-fi button the device, or to a smartphone via wireless broadband and the downloadable ‘lumix link’ application. the ‘FX90’ utilizes the upcoming cloud service ‘lumix club’ to upload photos to facebook, flickr, picasa, or youtube, for which the ‘lumix link’ app can store login credentials when connecting via smartphone.

the camera itself features 5x optical zoom with a lens that offers the equivalent to 24mm wide angle to 120mm mid-telephoto for photographs and 26-130mm for video. a video recording button captures up to 1080i in AVCHD. the rear panel of the ‘FX90’ is a 3.0 inch LCD touch panel, which can even be used for focus, zoom, and shutter when desired, instead of the physical controls on the device’s top deck.

lumix club‘ cloud service is expected to be available beginning september 5th, while the ‘lumix FX90’ camera will be released later in fall 2011.

panasonic lumix DMC FX90 view of top deck

panasonic lumix DMC FX90 rear view of the 3-inch touchscreen

panasonic lumix DMC FX90

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