panasonic’s autonomous triangular vacuum cleaner gets into hard to reach places
all images courtesy of panasonic




the panasonic ’rulo’ is the earliest triangular shaped robotic vacuum cleaner to enter the market. most vacuums are either round or square shape to get into corners. this triangular shape and the two side brushes help the robot clean deep into corners while preventing it from getting stuck in hard to reach areas. in addition, a variety of infrared and ultrasonic sensors recognize distances and obstacles to precisely clean the whole room. panasonic developed a unique roaming control that combines both ‘random running’ strategy  – where the robot travels throughout the room efficiently, and a ’round running’ program to focus on busy areas where dust collects often like next to walls and corners. 


introductory film
video courtesy of panasonic



the japanese company added their latest lithium ion battery to ensure high charging cycles that also adapts to the amount of garbage being carried. the onboard computers can change traveling speeds if it’s too full, and predetermine return trips to the charging station for a completely autonomous performance. 

panasonic-rulo-robotic-vacuum-cleaner-designboom-02the sensors detect staircases and obstacles 


architect yoshifumi nakamura explaining the ‘rulo’ vacuum 
video courtesy of panasonic


panasonic-rulo-robotic-vacuum-cleaner-designboom-03the slim profile allows it to reach tight spots 
panasonic-rulo-robotic-vacuum-cleaner-designboom-05the two wide brushes are formed to reach far cornerspanasonic-rulo-robotic-vacuum-cleaner-designboom-06the robot comes equipped a pre-programmed remote controller panasonic-rulo-robotic-vacuum-cleaner-designboom-07the ‘rulo’ robotic vacuum comes in both black and white finishes



the panasonic ‘rulo’ is a winner of the 2015 japan GOOD DESIGN best 100. 


the GOOD DESIGN award was founded in 1957 by the japanese ministry of international trade and industry and is hosted by the japan institute for design promotion. the ‘g mark’ emblem reflects comprehensive design values and principles that aim to enrich lives, industries and society.