panasonic has unveiled the world’s first high dynamic range (HDR) capable virtual reality goggles. unveiled at CES 2020, the technology allows wearers to view high-quality content in a compact and lightweight design with an eyeglass-like shape.


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panasonic unveils 'steampunk' virtual reality goggles with eyeglass design

images courtesy of panasonic



the steampunk-style glasses are equipped with micro OLED panels that eliminate a ‘screen door effect’, where the fine lines separating pixels become visible in the displayed image. panasonic worked with 3m and massachusetts-based kopin corporation to develop an optical module that allows the display of natural and distortion-free images in a super single focus.


they are equipped with earbuds on each of the straps, which the japanese firm said were designed to make ‘users will feel as if they are wearing eyeglasses.’ meanwhile, the adoption of technics’ original dynamic driver using magnetic fluid allows the accurate stroke of the diaphragm and achieves ultra low distortion reproduction.

panasonic unveils 'steampunk' virtual reality goggles with eyeglass design



in anticipation of full-scale commercial services of 5G, panasonic is developing the new VR glasses to be used in a variety of applications, including VR sports and engaging virtual travel experiences. the product remains as a developed prototype at the moment through with no clear indicator if the company will eventually sell these glasses to consumers.


project info


company: panasonic
product: UHD VR eyeglasses
event: CES 2020
price: unknown