the parrot ‘asteroid’ android-based car receiver

the ‘asteroid‘ by wireless product manufacturers parrot is an android-powered car stereo and information center, supporting maps and attractions, voice calling, weather, and other applications in addition to providing radio and music playback.

the device fits into the headunit of single-DIN cars, featuring a 3.2-inch LCD screen and a jog wheel and tactile control buttons, although many features can also be accessed via voice command. the ‘asteroid’ connects to the web via smartphone hotspots or a 3G USB dongle, and receives data input from an external GPS atenna for its location-based features.

parrot asteroid android car receiver full view of the receiver

the power of android is visible in the breadth of applications being planned for the device. the maps application aggregates useful information such as a locale’s phone number in its menu, providing easy access to the most needed information; and via ‘fuel for less’, the ‘astroid’ can display not only the nearest gas stations but also the price each offers gasoline. the ‘iCoyote’ application warns drivers of upcoming speed and red light cameras, as well as indicate upcoming traffic jams and accidents.

for music playback, the device integrates with iPod, iPhone, USB or SD card sources, analog players, bluetooth stereo, and FM and internet radio; equipped with a built-in amplifier and subwoofer. for digital sources, all music can be accessed by voice with the ‘vocal music search’ that responds to the names of artist or albums in users’ music libraries.

retailing for 350 USD, the ‘parrot asteroid’ is available beginning october 2011, featuring maps, roadtrip, wikango, weather, textfriendly, and tunein for its built-in applications.

parrot asteroid android car receiver view of the device installed

parrot asteroid android car receiver the ‘asteroid’ features voice recognition for phone calls and music search

video preview of the ‘asteroid’

via android community

parrot asteroid android car receiver

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