parrot zik 2.0 wireless headphones designed alongside philippe starck
images courtesy of parrot




the parrot ‘zik 2.0’ wireless headphones has an enhanced audio performance and was designed together with philippe starck. it marks the third collaboration between them, after the original zik and the gold collection. the 270g headset demonstrates the concurrency between technology and design by offering high tune capabilities in a contemporary style. it is 17% lighter than the old generations but still provides a thicker padded headband and more spacious ear pads.

press the smart touch panel once to play or pause your music




as with the first zik it features the smart touch panel which enables listeners to control the sound and change tracks easily. it works by sliding your finger horizontally to play the next track or the previous one, and adjusts the volume of the music or caller with a vertical swipe. the helmet is equipped with a powerful 32-bit digital sound processor that recreates depth and harmony. as well, noise reduction adaptive mechanics employ the 6 microphones to analyze the residual sounds that could interfere with listening.

annoying noises are eliminated, whether in the office or in transit, for listening comfort without compromise




a new application that is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers, is introduced to enable users to control, customize and share music with the bluetooth 3.0 connection. additionally, there are also three battery power modes; airplane, eco and normal. the foremost offers up to 18 hours of life, whilst the others provide seven and six respectively, depending on the system softwares enabled at the time. the parrot ‘zik 2.0’ headphones continue the elegant yet playful contemporary style of the brand but have updated its performance in order to fully merge technology and design.

the headphones are available in six colors; black, blue, brown, orange, white and yellow




wearers can control, customize, and share their music because of the compatible smart-device app


3/4 side view of the yellow zik 2.0