ukranian startup PassivDom has developed a 3D-printed smart house that’s completely autonomous, even in arctic conditions. that means that the compact living pod can be used anywhere in the world, with no need for connection to power or plumbing facilities. dubbed modulOne, the house heats and conditions air and even has its own water storage system. passivdom’s creation provides itself with solar energy in any climate, with zero emissions allowing you to live a sustainable lifestyle whether it be in the mountains, the forest, or by the sea.




all home devices in PassivDom’s modulOne are networked to the internet of things, and can be controlled via your smartphone—even the heating and air-conditioning systems learn to adapt to your needs.self-learning micro-climate system creates favorable conditions inside the house, maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity and monitoring the oxygen and carbon dioxide content. 




the house uses advanced materials to deliver a high thermal performance, with a carbon and fiberglass frame that is 6 times stronger than steel and insulates just as well as traditional brick walls. the team also worked to create a type of window that insulates like a wall, allowing for slick glass panneling to form the house’s exterior without compromising on temperature control. should you be worried about the safely of your home, PassivDom incorporates a GSM-alarm system that system that keeps an eye on the house by streaming a video over to your smartphone.




the modulOne is mobile and can be transported from place to place within a few hours. the house doesn’t need a foundation, so it can be easily located on the shore of the picturesque lake, in a grove or in the mountains. the home can be installed on any type of land without a need to develop a construction site. if you order one day, the company promise you will be moving in the very same evening. the house even comes already decked out with minimalist furniture, and wine glasses already in the cupboard.