pavegen: green energy generation from footsteps



born in the UK, pavegen has developed an energy recovery system powered through footsteps. the concept harnesses the kinetic energy from footsteps and converts it into renewable electricity. by stepping, jumping, or hopping on a ‘pavegen floor tile’, users create clean, off-grid electricity used to power multiple applications – from lighting, to interactive learning displays and charging can be collected on the harvested input, displaying in real-time on any web address from each unit.


using kickstarter as an initiative to promote an interactive, educational format for students to engage with renewable energy creation and get active, pavegen has designed an installation proposal that could be implemented into busy school spaces. the install brings sustainability to life in the day-to-day routines at school, presenting an innovative tool for engaging lesson plans, whilst providing power for the lights in the hallway. from this, students would ultimately create electricity, just by walking to class.



pavegen: kinetic energy generation from footsteps

pavegen energy generators



pavegen: kinetic energy generation from footsteps

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pavegen: kinetic energy generation from footsteps




pavegen school demonstration