‘paypal here’ mobile payment platform transforms smartphones into payment swipe-readers all images © fuseproject




bringing the company’s powerful online presence into the physical world, ‘paypal here‘ has just been released by paypal as a global mobile payment solutions, permitting clients to use their credit cards, checks, or paypal accounts to pay for services even at establishments without credit card readers. the system requires only the insertion of a small card-reader, designed by yves behar of fuseproject, into the audio jack of any iPhone or android smartphone. the system is encrypted and protected by the same risk management that paypal offers for its online services.


designed foremost for small businesses, including food carts and market vendors, ‘paypal here’ extends a 2.7% charge for transactions, while the card reader device and app themselves are free.

paypal here mobile payment system full view of the card reader, designed by yves behar / fuseproject




yves behar’s design and development process take into account both the functional and symbolic needs of the device. the increased surface area of the base of the triangle permits the accurate reading of swiped cards, with minimal superfluous material. the coloured layering of plastics also helps indicate the sliding surface  and thus the device’s function. furthermore, behar reveals in an interview with cliff kuang that he selected the form of an arrow because ‘it’s an ancient symbol that shows you that something is being done in the here and now.’


video demo of ‘paypal here’


paypal here mobile payment system the design of the system includes the physical device, app, packaging, and plans for use; special ‘paypal here’ stickers can be used to denote establishments that accept the payment

paypal here mobile payment system the efficient packaging for the card reader includes a window sticker and instructions

paypal here mobile payment system the device in use