the ‘pentax k-01’ mirrorless interchangeable lens camera by marc newson for pentax ricoh imaging

the pentax ‘k-01’ mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC), alongside the world’s thinnest interchangeable lens to date, has just been designed for the ricoh company by sydney-born, london-based designer marc newson. the device is the first mirrorless ILC that is backwards-compatible with conventional DSLR lenses.

featuring a 16-megapixel CMOS image sensor and a built-in flash, the ‘k-01’ captures full HD 1080 video at 30fps (60fps at 720p). its ISO range runs from 100 to 25,600 for high quality in extremely low lighting conditions, while burst shooting offers up to six full-resolution still frames per second.

the camera’s back consists of a 3-inch LCD screen with tactile controls.

the device is compatible with all existing pentax K-mount DSLR lenses, as well as with the newly released ‘pentax-da 40mm F2.8’ interchangeable lens, the world’s thinnest to date at 0.38 inches.

interview with marc newson about the design of the ‘k-01’

the ‘k-01’ will be available in yellow (yellow body and handgrip, black paneling), black (all black), and white (white body and paneling, black handgrip) in march 2012 for 750 USD (body only) to 900 USD (kit). marc newson also designed the packaging and strap for the camera.

pentax k 01 camera by marc newson rear view

pentax k 01 camera by marc newson top view

pentax k 01 camera by marc newson ‘k-01’ line, in yellow (front), white (middle), and black (back)

pentax k 01 camera by marc newson 3/4 top view

pentax k 01 camera by marc newson the device features a 3-inch LCD screen

pentax k 01 camera by marc newson the camera in white with the new dedicated 40mm kit lens (top) and an old SLR 18-55mm lens (bottom)

editor’s note: in october 2011, ricoh imaging acquired pentax’s camera and imaging branch from hoya corporation, establishing the pentax ricoh imaging company under which the ‘pentax K01’ is released.