the ‘peri duo’ iPhone case integrates a hi-definition speaker system and 2500 mAh battery into the design. creating a full audio experience loud enough to fill several environments, the ‘peri duo’ can also provide more than a full charge to smartphones, with a sleek design making it ideal for both casual and professional settings.

peri iphone loudspeaker chager phone case designboom
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the peri ‘duo’ smartphone case features dual purpose-functions; as a standalone bluetooth or wi-fi portable speaker, and to encase the iPhone for on-the-go listening plus added charge. it provides a rich audio experience from its integrated hi-res DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and fully programmable single-chip audio digital signal processor. it also offers true EQ (equalization) settings through the embedded DSP firmware using the accompanying peri audio app. it can even be configured to multicast music with multiple peri ‘duo’ cases through peer-to-peer wi-fi connectivity, creating a custom audio experience.




boasting a 2500mah battery, users will receive an additional  130 – 160 percent battery, which translates into 12 – 17 hours of talk time or 4 – 6 hours of continuous playback depending on the volume setting. also embedded into the case is a microphone ensuring the clarity and crispness of voices during conference calls.peri iphone loudspeaker chager phone case designboom



the peri ‘duo’ is available in four color combinations: black/silver, white/gold, red/black, and a special edition black/black (via indie hip-hop label rhymesayers entertainment). the ‘duo’ is built specifically for iPhone 5 / 5 s/ 6 /and 6 plus models. the california-based technology has also developed the ‘duo-slim’ for the ‘7’ models and is currently reaching out for funding via its kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed in detail here.

peri iphone loudspeaker chager phone case designboom