once, coffee was simply a source of caffeine for the overtired. then, with the opening of starbucks and other cafés, coffee became the center of a social activity. now, brewing the perfect cup of the stuff has become a fine art, and a startup from new mexico are setting out to make delicious ‘third wave coffee’ accessible to the masses with PERK—a 3D printed coffee-machine that uses science to deliver perfect taste at the bush of a button.

PERK automates the precise science used to make ‘third wave coffee’



PERK was originally designed to brew coffee in low-gravity environments, but has since evolved into a tabletop machine for household use. set to retail at $299, the smart-looking machine wants to make the precise science of brewing third wave coffee accesible to everyone. PERK takes advantage of the physics principle of “mechanical suspension” to guarantee a perfect ‘uniformity of saturation’ for every coffee particle. in other, less sciency words—the machine gently pumps water through the coffee grains, lifting, tumbling and separating the particles to ensure that the water reaches each grain evenly.

PERK’s minimalist design looks at home in cafés already



PERK uses a recirculating boiler with a nested infusion chamber that ensures a constant supply of precision-controlled, heated liquid. this means that you can select and maintain a desired brewing temperature to within a degree. the PERK prototype has recently been on a tour of the US, getting put to the test in hip coffee bars right, left and center. an anonymous coffee-lover even stated ‘don’t tell anyone this, but your machine just killed the pour-over.’

PERK has been on a tour of america to collect feedback

PERK is popular with bay area coffee snobs

the parts of PERK have been manifactured using 3D printing

PERK can brew at any desired temperature

the machine holds its own in design-focused envirnoments

PERK is sleeker and simpler than other coffee machines

practicing brewing with PERK