peugeot design lab’s solar charging station propels electric mobility into local cityscape
all images courtesy of peugeot 




peugeot design lab has drafted a universal solar energy charging station for electric vehicles for driveco. it combines ecology and technology using wooden frames that support the photovoltaic panels, providing protective shade for vehicles being charged. 

each station includes lithium ion batteries for storage and distribution purposes




the lattice structure accommodates 150 square meter solar panels in a canopy form, while the flared bases smoothly integrate the charging points and electricity storage batteries. the electricity can be redistributed round the clock, even in periods of low sun intensity and shared in a network by means of a smart give management system. each station can charge up to seven vehicles – cars, scooters or bicycles, simultaneously seven days a week, 24 hours a day. the charging time depends on the selected mode: quick or normal.