peugeot food truck puts the restaurant on wheels for world expo 2015
images courtesy of peugeot




exhibiting at the 2015 milan design week, the peugeot ‘food truck’ which is designed by the carmaker’s global brand design studio, design lab, delivers high-quality food on the go. the restaurant on wheels, dubbed ‘le bistrot du lion’, aims to offer a new experience for street food. stationed in milan’s tortona district from the 14th april, the vehicles will head to the french pavilion at the 2015 world’s fair, the expo milano, where the theme is ‘feeding the planet, energy for life’.

the bronze and silver trucks




‘since it was founded, peugeot has designed and manufactured thousands of domestic objects and vehicles. they are proof of our multifaceted industry expertise and our ability to reconcile new forms with function.’ said gilles vidal, peugeot design director.


he added, ‘the peugeot food truck is an obvious heir to these traditions: a mobile object, an automobile, which, once parked, becomes a food truck unlike any other. our goal is to appeal to all the senses—sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch—through the unique combination of modernity and harmony only peugeot can offer.’



a close-up of the peugeot’s front grille




a close look at the coffee machine


the restaurant side which features a menu


the food trucks at the milan design week 2015
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the trucks offer a new experience
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a look at the coffee maker
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