following more than four years of research and development, philippe starck, together with french start-up icare technologies, present AEKLYS by starck, an intelligent ring that connects the user with its environment. more than a connected device, this ring works in symbiosis with the user’s body for an augmented humanity.

AEKLYS by starck
images courtesy of philippe starck and icare technologies



renowned french designer philippe starck believes that today, more than ever, the elegance of human evolution must follow the path of dematerialization. this means that we need less materials, less products, and more intelligence and more power. AEKLYS by starck embodies this idea by replacing your payment cards, transportation tickets, business cards and contactless identification devices into one piece of wearable technology — a ring.

AEKLYS by starck



with AEKLYS by starck, you can pay for things, take the metro and identify yourself without the need of extra paper or plastic, just with one ring. thanks to its patented unique technology and its ultra-ergonomic minimal design, this ring features constantly evolving uses that provide you with an augmented freedom and security.


‘the path to dematerialization takes us closer and closer to the body,’ comments philippe starck. ‘aeklys by starck is the closest and smallest we can get while offering so much power and service. the possibilities of the ring are endless, the only limit is our imagination.’



project info:


name: AEKLYS by starck

designer: philippe starck

designed for: icare technologies

type: wearable technology