piaggio reveals electric motor assisted wi-bike at EICMA 2015
all images courtesy of piaggio





at EICMA 2015, the team at piaggio displayed their next endeavor in two wheel transportation – the ’wi-bike’ electric powered bicycle which focuses on the ideal daily commute. it comes in two types of frames, ‘comfort’ and ‘active’ that cover a variety riding styles. each includes a central electric motor, transmission, and battery that are all located behind the seat tube. the layout favors optimal distribution on the aluminum frame and provides ideal stability and handling. the piaggio electric motor in the ‘wi-bike’ assists up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and distributes power through three assistance modes that riders can choose, depending on the route they follow – city, hill, and standard. thanks to the motor, the electric bike helps in stop-and-go situations and adjusts according to different gradients. the lithium-ion battery onboard has a life of 120 km in eco-mode, and adds the option of charging smartphones through a USB port on the display.

piaggio-wi-bike-electric-bicycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-02piaggio offers the ‘wi-bike’ in an assortment of different colors




the integrated GPS anti-theft system allows users to monitor their bike at any time, on the move, or when it’s parked. the display, battery and motor are connected by a unique code so when removed, the bike won’t work. but in case of a theft, the owner will be notified directly via a text message. by connecting the piaggio ‘wi-bike’ to a smartphone, the downloadable app collects route data and statistics for each trip. it also adds a social media aspect where riders can share results, routes and fitness targets with friends.

piaggio-wi-bike-electric-bicycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-03 the bike has a line of accessories of different needspiaggio-wi-bike-electric-bicycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-04 the handlebar mounted display connects to smartphones piaggio-wi-bike-electric-bicycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-05 the bike has an integrated GPS system to provide real-time theft detectionpiaggio-wi-bike-electric-bicycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-06 the line of piaggio leather bagspiaggio-wi-bike-electric-bicycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-07 the electric motor is located between the pedals piaggio-wi-bike-electric-bicycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-08 the ‘active’ models comes with a rubber belt drivepiaggio-wi-bike-electric-bicycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-09 the chain system on the ‘comfort’ modelpiaggio-wi-bike-electric-bicycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-10 the ‘wi-bike’ displayed at EICMA 2015