italian designer pierpaolo lazzarini introduces yet another innovative watercraft called the ‘pagurus’ or the ‘crabmaran’. formed as a 25-meter long amphibious catamaran, the newly designed vessel uses solar power to make its way through water and land.

pierpaolo lazzarini presents the 'pagurus', a solar-powered amphibious catamaran
the pagurus
all images courtesy of pierpaolo lazzarini



the yacht by pierpaolo lazzarini subdivides the living spaces in two side hulls, connected to each other through a bridge tower deck station. to stiffen and reinforce the main body, a bridge steel structure connects each side to the other. the twin steel hulls can be configured on each side with 2 to 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a toilet, accommodating up to 8 passengers, plus 4 crew members. 

pierpaolo lazzarini presents the 'pagurus', a solar-powered amphibious catamaran
a rear deck garage host space for two jetskis



sailing propulsion is achieved with dual stern drive propellers, coupled with twin 890hp diesel engines, capable to move the ‘pagurus’ to an estimated top speed of 24 knots. in the immersed part of the yacht, the hulls are designed with a recessed space that guests two steel cylinders on each side, each one with a helical spiral flange like the thread of a screw. with the help of water friction, the screw cylinders generate energy to recharge the yacht batteries while sailing. each cylinder is interconnected to an independent engine, which is connected to a trans fluid transmission and is able to generate motion in water (5 knots), along with simultaneous energy.




when the ‘pagurus’ reaches the land, the rotating cylinders lower towards the ground, transforming the catamaran into an amphibious vehicle able to move on sand or mud terrains. the central area works as a helm station with the possibility to load different vehicles through an incorporated crane platform, that connects to 4 electric winches. lazzarini shares that a first ‘crabmaran’ can be built on demand for the price of 24.000.000 €. 

pierpaolo lazzarini presents the 'pagurus', a solar-powered amphibious catamaran

pierpaolo lazzarini presents the 'pagurus', a solar-powered amphibious catamaran

pagurus the crabmaran 6

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pagurus the crabmaran 8

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pagurus the crabmaran 9

pagurus the crabmaran 10


pagurus the crabmaran 11





project info:


name: the pagurus/crabmaran
designer: pierpaolo lazzarini
material: 69% forged steel 31% painted dry carbon fiber
engines number: 6 – total power on board 3540HP
engines water mode: 2x caterpillar (890 HP each)
engines terrain mode: 4x yanmar diesel (440 HP each)
hybrid propulsion: transfluid transmission
L.O.A.: 25 m (82 ft)
beam: 9,2 m (30 ft)
height: 5,2 m (16,5 ft)
draft/immersion: from 1600 mm to 1800 mm (screws out)
dry displacement: 52000 kg (114.688 lb)
weight: 52,999 kg
cruising speed (water): 18 knots
max speed (water): 25 knots
cruising speed (terrain): 20 km/h
max speed (terrain): 35 km/h
electric motion max speed (water): 6 knots
electric motion max speed (terrain): 15 km/h
fuel: diesel
fuel tank capacity: 8000 lt
water capacity: 1000 lt



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