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portable 'pikaboost' electrifies any bike in under 30 seconds

Ebike converter ‘pikaboost’ from livall


Old, rusty bikes in the garage can enjoy a new, fruitful life with LIVALL’s PikaBoost, a portable converter that electrifies any bike, old or new alike. PikaBoost is an ebike conversion kit that contains a controller, a motorized hub, and a batter pack that are all assembled onto the bike in less than 30 seconds.


Yes, it’s a plug-and-play device that suits almost any bike. PikaBoost needs to be screwed onto the seat post and let the small wheel on the motorized pack’s back touch the back wheel of the bike. By pressing the button above the portable converter, the red light glows and the rider is ready to go.

ebike converter ‘pikaboost’
images courtesy of LIVALL



PikaBoost uses an all-in-one design of battery, motor, and controller to simplify complicated instructions other conversion kits tend to command riders. What makes the ebike converter a winsome deal is its no-tools-required feature, giving the riders the joy to transfer it from one bike to another without any hassle.


This approach seems efficient for those who are using bike-sharing offerings that aren’t electric. Bringing PikaBoost in the bag and plugging it into the bike on the streets solves pedaling problems, especially when riding uphill roads.

ebike converter ‘pikaboost’
PikaBoost is an ebike conversion kit that contains a controller, a motorized hub, and a batter pack



Riders are assisted in three modes


Since PikaBoost ebike converter is designed for everyday use, LIVALL needs to make sure it won’t hamper the ride, no matter what the road situation is. Thanks to the technologies the team installs in the converter – which includes intelligent control algorithm and rotary gyroscope – bikes with this ebike converter can benefit from the extra assistance the machine lends to the riders when going uphill by letting the battery-powered device roll the wheels of the bike.


It also triggers a regenerative feature that automatically kicks in when riders go downhill, so they don’t have to pedal or skid when they’re going too fast. The device also maintains the riding speed and keeps it at bay since the circuit board inside the device automatically calculates and adjusts the motor based on the peddling frequency of the riders.

ebike converter ‘pikaboost’
it only takes less than 30 seconds to put on PikaBoost



PikaBoost is also boosted with three modes that assist the riders in their needs. Cruise always retains the speed that riders introduced while pedaling. If riders go fast, the maintaining speed is the same, so it’s better to triple-check whether or not that’s the most ideal speed for long journeys.


Kids, elderly, and people with low stamina are assisted with the Roll mode where the motor gives a nudge to the riders as they go uphill, no longer needing to exert force as they move. The last mode, Exercise, is dedicated to hardcore bikers. Here, the motor adds extra resistance – not assistance – to the rubber wheel, forcing the bikers to pedal harder and exercise more.

ebike converter ‘pikaboost’
with a push of a button, the device can now be used



Batteries can be easily replaced


PikaBoost is powered by batteries, but the good news here is that they’re also replaceable. The batteries the device needs are the ones riders can easily buy from their hardware stores or in supermarkets. To change them, riders need to pull the lid of PikaBoost, pull out the battery containers inside, and replace them. The device uses 18 cells of a 18650 battery, and the range in the full-assistance level is up to 30km/18mi.


PikaBoost also features auto-sensing rear light which can be turned on all the time when used in nighttime riding or flashes of red light when reducing the speed of riding, just like car brakes. The device is also equipped with Bluetooth technology, and riders have to download the dedicated app of the company to access the features which include an anti-theft lock.

ebike converter ‘pikaboost’
it has a dedicated app for anti-theft lock


PikaBoost from LIVALL

it is also ideal for non-electric bike rentals
it is also ideal for non-electric bike rentals

it contains 18 batteries
it contains 18 batteries


PikaBoost from LIVALL


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company: LIVALL


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