limited edition pininfarina fuoriserie electric bike styled by 1930s
images courtesy of pininfarina



the limited edition pininfarina ‘fuoriserie’ electric bicycle is styled by the tailor-made cars of the 1930s and creates an elegant blend of modern and classical materials. the italian automotive company collaborated with 43 milano to enhance their experience and craftsmanship for bike manufacture. as its high-performance exclusive car referring name would suggest, the ‘fuoriserie’ is a blend of tradition and innovation. the booster system bike+ shows this by optimizing the cyclist’s energy through a miniaturized electric engine which enables them to cover longer distances. another advanced technology addition is the LED lighting and the ‘connect the plug system’ which recharges phones through the dynamo.

the handlebars are interlaced with the bridge brown leather




the bespoke bicycle is limited to just 30 editions because of the high level of detail and care needed for its hand manufacturing. skilled artists form the chromed steel deda ZERO DR tubes by welding and then adorning them in a walnut briar-root coating. the handlebars and the seat both source style from the 1936 lancia astura bocca interiors by being dressed with an interlaced the bridge leather. the ‘fuoriserie’ bicycle’s classical style enriched with modern technology and materials are balanced in a way which shows the care and detail in craftsmanship that pininfarina is renown for.

the pininfarina name on the walnut briar-root coated steel frame




‘pininfarina fuoriserie bike is a true pininfarina project. it blends our heritage with innovative solutions, it is elegant and exclusive but also highly functional. it’s a fuoriserie with an eco-friendly soul.’ said paolo pininfarina, chairman of pininfarina group.

the LED light system


the laced leather is sourced from lancia’s 1936 astura bocca interior design


the bicycle has panaracer ribmo 28″ tires reinforced with kevlar anti-puncture


the bike+ electric energy system optimizes the cyclist’s energy


43 milano inputted their cyclist intelligence and experience into the project


image courtesy of nicoletta pizzocheri


the handle bar ends showcase the design details included
image courtesy of nicoletta pizzocheri


image courtesy of nicoletta pizzocheri