pininfarina exhibits first exploration into hydrogen fuel cells with H2 speed concept car
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a showpiece of italian design and technology, pininfarina premiered the ‘H2 speed’ concept car at the 2016 geneva motor show. the project is a high performance track car based on hydrogen fuel cell technology already subjected to track testing by franco-swiss collaborator greenGT, which has been designing, developing and producing clean, sustainable propulsion systems since 2008. 


‘the spirit of the project is directly linked to the great aerodynamic tradition often explored by pininfarina over the decades as well as to our most recent dream cars,’  explains chairman paolo pininfarina to designboom. ‘the concept is a synthesis of technology, sustainability, aerodynamic flow and, above all, speed. it is also the best way to confirm pininfarina’s role as the standard-bearer of the aesthetic values of italian design in the world and to strengthen its brand, the company’s hallmark.’

the pininfarina ‘H2 speed’ with greenGT hydrogen fuel cell technology
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halfway between a racing prototype and a limited series production supercar, the ‘H2 speed’ is one of the world’s first hydrogen, high performance cars thanks to a powerful electric-hydrogen fuel cell drive chain. the result is a zero emissions vehicle that can reach 300 km/h while releasing just water vapor into the atmosphere. unleashing 503 horsepower, the motors accelerate the concept from zero to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. it also introduces a rapid refueling system, which fills the fuel tank in just three minutes. 

the long body weighs only 1420 kilograms 
image courtesy of pininfarina




heavily influenced by the sigma grand prix, the matched choice of color gives it a modern interpretation with a plain pearlescent shade of white. touches of vermilion and acid yellow highlight the many functional areas of the ‘H2 speed’ that lead to the vertical fin and spoiler at the rear. on the bonnet, two air intakes for the radiators are deigned to cool the electric motor, which integrates functionality, design and aerodynamic needs.

the system includes two main electric motors 
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although it is based on traditional style cues, the ‘H2 speed’ presented the designer with a two-fold challenge – design a car on a carbon frame with extreme proportions that cloaks the hydrogen power system. the body consists of two triangular bodies that intersect to generate the front and rear mudguards. the modeled side panels made it possible to hollow out a generous air vent from the front to the sides. this creates an efficient aerodynamic flow and at the same time, leave part of the carbon frame visible for mechanical parts such as the suspension arms.

the concept only emits water vapor 
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totally silent, the ‘H2 speed’ is part of pininfarina’s research division that will continue to push boundaries in performance, aerodynamics and technology. ‘italian style and engineering at the service of product innovation and the manufacture of high volume or niche special vehicles,’ describes pininfarina designer silvio pietro angori. 

the ‘H2 speed’ reaches 300 km/h 
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this in a nutshell is what pininfarina is today. the H2 Speed concept continues pininfarina’s strategy of designing and developing special cars, namely vehicles produced in limited series for collectors and lovers of unique cars. the pininfarina H2 speed interprets the company’s passion for racing and exceptional, environmentally responsible automotive performance. it is a concentration of italian styling and sustainable technology for gentlemen drivers and aficionados.’


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the concept next to it’s predecessor the sigma grand prix 
image courtesy of pininfarina

the pininfarina ‘H2 speed’ at the 2016 geneva motor show
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the long fin with fused rear spoiler 
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the pininfarina logo with the stretch rear light  
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