pininfarina-designed xingtu heavy-duty truck for DeepWay

pininfarina-designed xingtu heavy-duty truck for DeepWay



pininfarina has designed xingtu, a smart, new energy heavy-duty autonomous truck aimed at automating highway mainlines. presented by DeepWay, a company backed by chinese internet giant baidu, the truck is equipped with 11 onboard cameras, an infrared detector, 5 millimeter-wave radars and a LIDAR sensor which allows it to achieve end-to-end autonomous driving and ultra-long range detection of more than 1 kilometer.


xingtu has been designed by pininfarina shanghai for operational scenarios, with the aim of satisfying the requirements of intelligent driving.

pininfarina-designed xingtu heavy-duty truck for DeepWay




xingtu by DeepWay features four core advantages: deep intelligence, deep performance, deep design, and deep space. based on baidu’s autonomous driving technology, DeepWay’s highway intelligence system (HIS) enables end-to-end autonomous driving – from sensing to execution – in 100 milliseconds, as well as ultra-long range sensing of more than 1 kilometer. as for deep performance, tests showed a wind resistance coefficient as low at 0.35, which effectively reduces overall energy consumption. at full load, the 450kWh battery pack can travel up to 300km on a single charge and charges in just one hour and can be swapped in just six minutes.


the design team made sure the lightweight integrated battery and chassis design would reduce wind resistance, making it stable and easy to operate. pininfarina incorporated its unique Italian design DNA into the shape of this futuristic heavy truck creating elegant and pure lines with a strong focus on aerodynamics, leveraging the experience gained in this field along 50 years as its wind tunnel was inaugurated in 1972.

pininfarina-designed xingtu heavy-duty truck for DeepWay


great attention was paid to the interior, where the intelligent cabin has been created to act as a second home for long-haul drivers. equipped with an intelligent voice assistant, a large touchscreen infotainment system and ultra-comfortable seats and beds, freight drivers will experience a much more comfortable working and living environment while on the road.

pininfarina-designed xingtu heavy-duty truck for DeepWay


matteo piguzzi, head of design of pininfarina shanghai, explained: ‘heavy trucks are rapidly evolving to adapt in a quick-changing environment where new technologies allow smart and connected vehicles to safely help everyday duty. the sophisticated design of  deepway introduces a new advanced language, where efficiency and aerodynamic work together to create an iconic exterior shape; and the interior perfectly integrates all the new technologies in a very modern and relaxed space, where the duty of traveling is transformed into an intuitive and seamless new experience. intelligent, connected, premium but practical, deepway xingtu has a pure and iconic design language, marking the future of a new generation of heavy transportation.’

pininfarina-designed xingtu heavy-duty truck for DeepWay


pininfarina-designed xingtu heavy-duty truck for DeepWay


project info:


name: xingtu

type: heavy-duty electric autonomous truck

company: DeepWay

design: pininfarina shanghai

backed by: baidu


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