introducing pixy by snap


Six years after the release of Spectacles, Snap (the company that owns Snapchat) has announced the launch of its second hardware product — a flying camera. Called Pixy, the bright yellow mini puck is essentially a creative sidekick in the form of a selfie drone. The device takes off right from your palm to follow you around and capture footage that can be sent directly to the Snapchat app.

snap launches mini flying camera 'pixy' for snapchat

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a flying camera that accompanies you on any adventure


Snap (see more here) introduces Pixy as its new ‘friendly flying camera’ that can accompany you on any adventure, requiring no controller or lengthy setup. Instead, you simply tap a button and choose one of the four preconfigured flight paths — Pixy can float, orbit, and follow you around while you walk or run. After you select the preferred mode, you may then press the button and Pixy will take off from your hand. Once the flight ends, you can place your hand below the drone and it will automatically land in your palm. 


Videos and pictures from flights can be wirelessly transferred and saved into Snapchat Memories. From there, users can edit them and share them on any other platform of their choice. The Pixy is able to store up to 100 videos or 1,000 photos.

snap launches mini flying camera 'pixy' for snapchat



available for purchase until supplies last


Pixy is available for purchase in the U.S. and France while supplies last for $229.99. The basic flight pack includes the Pixy camera, bumper and carrying strap, a charging cable, and a rechargeable battery. Extra batteries can be purchased for $19.99 and a dual battery charger is available for $49.99. Each rechargeable battery holds 5-8 flights using the default flight modes.

snap launches mini flying camera 'pixy' for snapchat



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name: Pixy
company: Snap
price: $229.99