Studies reveal that we spend roughly 90% of our time indoors, and even when we do venture outside, we often remain tethered to technology, with a speaker in our ear, smartphone in our hand, or both. To address this, architects and designers have been pursuing innovative methods for incorporating nature into our living spaces. After already embracing green walls, seamless indoor-outdoor living areas, and strategic natural lighting, it looks like exploring the world of sound is next.


Enter plant music, the latest trend propelled by a device called PlantWave, that’s taking social media by storm. This unique device, developed by Data Garden, invites us to experience nature in a whole new way, with just a single tap.

plantwave converts biorhythms into real time music for indoor environments
all images courtesy of PlantWave



How does the device work?

PlantWave uses patented sonification technology to convert the biorhythms of plants into real-time music. The company’s co-founder Joe Patitucci describes the device as ‘a sonic window into the secret life of plants.’

Unlike pre-recorded music on your playlists, plant music generated with PlantWave is never the same. It’s always changing based on the electrical variations in a plant. The device detects those variations through two electrodes you connect to a plant’s leaves. Then, you just choose a soundset (a set of instruments designed for plants to play), pair your device with the mobile app, and enjoy a pleasant stream of continuous plant music.

plantwave converts biorhythms into real time music for indoor environments



The benefits of listening to plant music


Although PlantWave can be used anywhere, with any type of plant, it has found a special place for those who enjoy it at home. With just a simple houseplant, users can use PlantWave to immerse themselves in the sounds of nature, creating a transformative ambiance.


PlantWave users report experiencing enhanced productivity, creativity, and state of flow while listening to plants, which is making the device find its way into professional offices and home workspaces. Plant music is also gaining recognition for its ability to enhance meditation practices, with some instructors even organizing special plant music meditation sessions.


The device also allows musicians to co-create music with plants by connecting directly to a synthesizer or digital audio workstation. Offering a broadcasting mode for sharing each plant’s unique melodies in real time, it also includes an audio recording option to save and enjoy your plant’s music whenever you like.

plantwave converts biorhythms into real time music for indoor environments



Trying out PlantWave at home

Together with a wider trend of including plants in our living spaces, PlantWave seems to be sparking a newfound passion and appreciation for nature. People who used to own very few or no plants are now transforming their homes and offices into green sanctuaries filled with plant music, and more and more people are choosing it over traditional pre-recorded music.


Whether you’re at home or out in the wilderness, PlantWave can help tune into or deepen your relationship with nature. More than 11,000 devices have already been sold, and it looks like plant music is going mainstream.


Listen to samples and order your own PlantWave from the official website.

plantwave converts biorhythms into real time music for indoor environments



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