‘playgo USB’ is a plug-and-play means of streaming audio from computers to higher fidelity audio gear

designed by bicom as a mid-range, ‘plug-and-play’ means of listening to high quality audio from desktop or laptop media, ‘playgo USB‘ wirelessly streams music and video sound to users’ high fidelity entertainment systems.

the device consists of a transmission unit, which connects via microUSB to a computer, and a receiver, which uses RCA or optical cables to connect to the audio system (which includes devices ranging from stereos to speakers to headphones). measuring approximately 4inches square/diameter by one inch, both pieces are composed of corian®, with a layer of coloured LED lights along their centers that glow when in use. a power button and playback controls are located on top of the receiver unit.

‘playgo USB’ works on its own wireless protocol over a range of about 75 feet, so requires neither a wi-fi connection nor special software. up to four receivers can connect to a single transmitter, and the audio can come from almost any source, including music files, streaming web radio, services like pandora and grooveshark, and movie and video playback.

produced in white and orange, ‘playgo USB’ retails for 450 USD.

playgo USB wireless audio streaming a ring of LEDs illuminates when music is  playing

playgo USB wireless audio streaming composed of corian®, the device is produced in white and orange

playgo USB wireless audio streaming side view of the transmitter (top) which connects via microUSB to computers, and the reciever (below), featuring RCA and optical connections

via slashgear

playgo USB wireless audio streaming

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