points – the most advanced direction sign by BREAKFAST



brooklyn-based creative agency BREAKFAST NY has harnessed the power of the web yet again with their latest project entitled ‘points’. dubbed as the world’s most intelligent street sign, ‘points’ looks as one may expect a directional sign to look; three arms pointing towards different locations, each displaying text of a nearby destination. the way-finding device leverages content from foursquare, twitter, transportation APIs, RSS feeds and many other online sources, to create an interactive experience – more importantly it can be expanded to work with almost any online data source and adapt to any location where it’s installed.


 watch the project react live in a video feed by hashtagging #PointsSign on twitter.



‘points’ – the most advanced directional sign on earthvideo courtesy breakfastnewyork



points   the most advanced directional sign by BREAKFAST

‘points’ used for wayfinding and transit information


 ‘points’ features rotary electrical interfaces which allow the arms to endlessly spin 360° in either direction, removing the issue of tangled wires.  to achieve 360 degree rotation, the sign utilizes a 200 pulse per rotation quadrature encoder, allowing it to know its exact rotational degree at at any given point. it also features a magnetometer and touch-less magnetic switches that assist in always keeping it pointed in the right direction. milled out of 90% aluminum, its lightweight structure integrates 16,000 efficient LEDs, as their wide viewing angle allow the displays to be easily readable from any direction.



points   the most advanced directional sign by BREAKFASTdesignboom’s tweet showing up on ‘points’ in new york



points   the most advanced directional sign by BREAKFAST

‘points’ mechanical and computing hardware for 360 degree rotation capabilities



points   the most advanced directional sign by BREAKFAST

construction – top view




points   the most advanced directional sign by BREAKFAST

cities and conferences



by leveraging an array of real-time data, cities can keep tourists and locals informed with the latest city-related information while also promoting local restaurants, stores, parks, museums, etc. the digital signage can also provide attendees with an easy way to find talks, events, and local destinations – it can help direct people to a conference room down the hall; or a bbq restaurant across town.



points   the most advanced directional sign by BREAKFAST

transit and sporting events



drawing data from real-time apis, ‘points’ can serve up where transportation can be found and when the next bus/train/plane/car will be departing or arriving. for sporting events, it can provide real-time stats, keeping fans in the loop with all types of relevant information.



points   the most advanced directional sign by BREAKFAST

brand events/locations and concerts



using social and brand data, ‘points’ can serve up brand relevant content and bridge a physical store or event back to what’s happening around the web. for music aficionados, it can also help inform people who’s performing nearby, or used for wayfinding at large festival grounds.