poken pulse

the poken pulse is a small device which digitally exchanges contact information linking real life encounters with online social networks. the poken pulse works by touching two devices together. once connected, the pieces exchange information and store it on a usb key so it can be uploaded to a computer. the poken concept aims to provide the same function as a business card only digitally. the original poken featured a small animal or character on the gadget, while the new poken pulse is a more professional looking product with a number of colourways created by dutch artist gaby zwaan. the poken pulse has storage for contacts as well as a free 2gb of memory for other data. the device is battery operated, but battery life is estimated at 8 to 12 months.

http://www.doyoupoken.com http://www.pokenpulse.eu poken pulsepoken pulse

poken pulsepoken pulse

poken pulseoriginal poken in use

poken pulseoriginal poken