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merging the best elements of film and digital, the polaroid now+ has just been unveiled. the mobile app-controlled camera offers more creative tools than ever before, and new levels of control never seen by a polaroid. by connecting to the polaroid mobile app, photographers can experiment with the instant camera in way that is purely of the 21st century while maintaining the vintage feel of the instant film.


control your polaroid with your smartphone without sacrificing the vintage film aesthetic.

polaroid now+
images © polaroid



vintage feel plus digital control


with its now+ camera and mobile app, polaroid invites photographers to unlock and customize new tools. users can easily find focus with aperture priority and create cinematic photos with tripod mode. other tools include light painting, double exposure, manual and portrait modes, and a self timer. while many of these tools were already available on polaroid’s onestep+, the now+ allows the modes to be further customized and controlled. custom modes can even be saved onto the camera itself, to be activated without the app.


the polaroid now+ is available for purchase starting today, august 31st. the camera, with its included filter kit, sells for $149, and the newly updated app is free on the apple app store and google play.

polaroid now+
customize camera modes through polaroid’s mobile app



expressions for every mood


polaroid’s now+ camera takes shape with the same design as the classic polaroid now. the newer and smarter variation includes a tripod mount on the bottom and comes in three colors — white, black, and blue — far fewer than the ten color options offered by its predecessor. still, the now+ comes with a set of five filters, including red vignette, starburst, orange, blue, and yellow. these filters can be screwed onto the lens to saturate photos in color, deepen contrast, or soften images with dream-like effects.

polaroid now+
five lens filters instantly adjust photos for any mood



the polaroid now+ lets you control your film camera with digital precision
the camera is available in white, black, or blue