‘polaroid Z2300’ instant digital camera polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera

the ‘z2300‘ instant digital camera by polaroid has just been unveiled at the 2012 CEA (consumer electronics association) line show. the 10-megapixel device features a built-in zink ‘zero ink’ printer, producing full-colour 2×3-inch prints in under a minute, either in full bleed, with a classic polaroid border, or on a sticker-backed page. a camera setting controls whether every shot is automatically printed, or only images selected after capture by the user.

in addition to its printing capacities, the camera stores photographs digitally via SD card. a built-in editing program enables users to review and crop photos on the 3.0-inch LCD screen even before uploading to PC.

the ‘polaroid z2300’ camera is available for pre-order at polaroid, with a retail price of 160 USD and expected ship date of august 2012. zink paper is sold separately.

polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera the device is produced in black and white, featuring a built-in zink printer

polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera rear view