no rear window, no problem - say hello to polestar 4 electric SUV with camera on the back

no rear window, no problem - say hello to polestar 4 electric SUV with camera on the back

Polestar 4 says goodbye to rearview window


Polestar 4 tilts the rear-window game by barricading the glass behind its recent electric SUV and replacing its car design with a roof-mounted HD camera that provides a wider field of vision to the driver. The electric automobile shirks off the traditional rear-view mirror hanging above the dashboard to make way for a high-definition screen that shows a real-time feed from the rear HD camera, enabling a far wider field of view that relies on technology over manual action.

polestar 4 electric suv
images courtesy of Polestar



Drivers who are not yet used to gazing at the rear-view mirror or have to rotate their necks to look at the back window and check the nearby cars when they parallel park may need some adjustment period to get the hang of just navigating the car through the HD screen in front of them, cueing them in on their rear surroundings.


Polestar assures that with the landscape-esque views of the rear HD camera, it may not be a grave issue to maneuver the electric SUV when parking or checking what is happening at the car’s tail.


Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar, says: ‘With Polestar Precept we previewed a stunning new occupant experience by removing the rear window and pushing the rear header, which plays an integral safety role, further back. This means that now, rear occupants can have a unique experience in our SUV coupé.’ Polestar 4 made its debut to the public during the Shanghai Auto Show on April 18th, 2023.

polestar 4 electric suv
side view of Polestar 4 electric SUV



Electric SUV that sprints to 100 km/h in seconds


Polestar makes up for the absence of the rear window in its recent electric SUV. Whatever’s gone from behind shows up on the roof as Polestar places a full-length glass panel – available with optional electrochromic functionality – that allows for opaque or transparent views, depending on the driver’s choice.


By eliminating the rear window, the glass roof extends beyond the rear occupants’ heads, basking them in an inside-outside ambient as the roof becomes a clear umbrella that they can easily peer through to see what’s outside. Polestar seems to have its finger on the pulse of the fashion and sportswear industries.


The design team peruses these creative realms and decides to dress up Polestar 4’s interior with a style the team calls ‘soft tech.’ Marble grey and soft black become disrupted with the highlight of bright yellow seatbelts and straps, adding a touch of zest within a muted palette.

polestar 4 electric suv
the roof-mounted camera flashes real-time feed on the HD screen in the rearview mirror across the driver.



Performance-wise, Polestar 4 packs a speed punch as it can sprint from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds and exert a maximum power output of 400 kW or 544 hp. Polestar states that while these numbers land in on their preliminary test sheets, the electric SUV is by far its faster production car to date.


Polestar 4 launches first in China, with production planned to begin in Hangzhou Bay in November 2023. A full-scale launch for other markets, including in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific is planned for early 2024.

polestar 4 electric suv
the rear HD camera enables a far wider field of view


Polestar places a full-length glass panel on the roof

polestar 4 electric suv
the design team calls the interior ‘soft tech’

polestar 4 electric suv
the seating and interior designs are inspired by fashion and sportswear

polestar 4 electric suv
Polestar 4 can go from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds

polestar 4 electric suv
the electric SUV has a maximum power output of 400 kW or 544 hp



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