porsche goes back to pure racing principals with low-tech limited edition 911 R
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in an unusual strategy, porsche strips off the technology to create a limited edition ‘911 R’. revealed at the 2016 geneva motor show, the germans went back to a four-liter naturally aspirated flat engine that creates 368 kW of power. the model emphasizes the importance of road-tuned racing from the company since 1967. 


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like its predecessors, the ‘911 R’ relies on systematic lightweight construction of only 1,370 kilograms, maximum performance and an unfiltered driving experience. with a six-speed manual transmission, the porsche still breaks the 100 km/h acceleration barrier in just 3.8 seconds, and continues to a top speed of 323 km/h. the high-revving rear engine includes a double-declutch function that activates by pressing a button that enables the driver to perform ideal gearshifts when changing down. 

the porsche ‘911 R’ at the 2016 geneva motor show
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inside, the driver sits in a carbon full bucket seat with fabric centre panels recalled from the first 911 in the 1960s. the weight saving ideology continued with no optional air conditioning or audio system. for everyday practicality, the adjustable suspension system can be raised by approximately 30 millimeters to get over those pesky speed bumps and curbs. bonnet and wings are made of carbon and the roof of magnesium – this reduces the centre of gravity of the ‘911 R’. the sad news is that porsche plans on only producing 991 units of the ‘911 R’. porsche-911-R-geneva-motor-show-2016-designboom-03
image courtesy of porsche

image courtesy of porsche

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image courtesy of porsche