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porsche and airstream conceptualize a two-wheel travel trailer that fits in the garage

Porsche & Airstream on Concept travel trailer


Porsche’s creative cogs are constantly whirring. First, the car company has unveiled its retro-futuristic NEBULA 928 car in collaboration with Daniel Arsham. Now, Studio F. A. Porsche, a subsidiary of Porsche AG, has teamed up with Airstream for a concept travel trailer that campers can park in their garage. The towable carbon-fiber pod mirrors the soft gray colors of the Porsche Macan, its buddy car, and both vehicles are planned to be showcased at Porsche’s SXSW exhibit between March 10th and 14th, 2023 together with the NEBULA 928 car.


Looking at the images, Studio F. A. Porsche and Airstream are thinking of an expandable roof for their two-wheel concept garage-fitting trailer. The design may stretch the look and feel of the space vertically, making it appear bigger than it is. Inside the roof, the rollable fabrics and portable stands are stowed. Campers can prop them up and once ready, the ensemble becomes a handy tent that extends the exterior, giving the vehicle shade from the sun on sunny days and a shelter for rainy trips.

porsche airstream concept garage trailer
images courtesy of Airstream



Transformable furniture for more space


Studio F. A. Porsche and Airstream’s concept garage and travel trailer maximizes its interior to accommodate two people. The modern accents in design arise from the induction stove and sink that doubles as a chopping board through the removable lid. The warm burst of LED lighting is concealed in the interior’s edges from the front to the rear part of the vehicle.


The transformable bed saves up space as it retracts during the day to become two adjacent benches. When these benches are set up, campers can invite more people into the vehicle as the setting may be able to sit four people at once. A towable desk slash dining table appears from underneath the sofa bed, which also acts as the storage area of the concept travel trailer.

porsche airstream concept garage trailer
Porsche and Airstream’s concept garage trailer with Porsche Macan tow vehicle



Lowering the concept trailer’s height


Throughout Airstream’s 90-year presence, its concept travel trailer with Studio F. A. Porsche marks the first garage-fitting design under its belt. The design team injects an automatic suspension in the chassis to allow the trailer’s body to lower and fit inside most home garages. This option simplifies parking the trailer in one’s constricted parking nook, particularly for those faced with local rules or a lack of convenient, secure off-site storage.


The concept travel trailer features aerodynamic improvements thanks to a redesigned rear shape that sheds air while the trailer is in motion and a flush underside that eliminates drag projections. The trailer’s automatic suspension alters its chassis height to reduce aerodynamic drag. The use of carbon fiber for its frame knocks off the concept’s weight, making it towable for smaller vehicles including electric ones.

porsche airstream concept garage trailer
the expandable roof hides a portable tent

porsche airstream concept garage trailer
the two-wheel concept travel trailer can be easily towed by smaller vehicles


inside Porsche and Airstream’s concept garage trailer

porsche airstream concept garage trailer
kitchen area

porsche airstream concept garage trailer
the sofa bed doubles as a dining-room benches

porsche airstream concept garage trailer
the concept trailer can accommodate two people


Porsche and Airstream’s concept travel trailer

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