porsche has published a new book dubbed porsche unseen, highlighting design studies from 2005 to 2019. kept under lock and key until now, the sports car manufacturer showcases 15 different visions, offering an exclusive insight into its design process, including drawings and finished models ready for series production. from these visions, we have chosen a curious one that might have the purists feeling uneasy — the porsche vision renndienst, an all-electric, luxurious minivan.

porsche vision renndienst electric minivan
images by porsche



created in 2018, the porsche vision renndienst is an interpretation of a family-friendly space concept for up to six persons. the idea behind the design, which was realized in a 1:1 hard scale model, was to create a futuristic space shuttle with exciting proportions. the study was successful in showing how the porsche design DNA with its characteristic surface modelling can be transferred to an unknown vehicle segment for the brand.

porsche vision renndienst electric minivan



the interiors of the porsche vision renndienst are both comfortable and modular. the driver sits in a central driver’s seat while the all-electric technology is located in the underbody. as a result, passengers can enjoy and unexpected generous space and travel experiences combined with porsche-like flair.

porsche vision renndienst electric minivan



‘when it comes to the visions we develop, it is not about bringing every car onto the road. instead, it is more a question of establishing creative space and a relationship with the future,’ says michael mauer when describing the design process and adds: ‘there are two possibilities for continuing to develop as a brand: either you improve your products from the present, that is to say step-by-step. however, it is difficult to be really innovative in this process. or you give free rein to your creativity. the idea is to let your thoughts jump to the day after tomorrow, and to then move back from there to tomorrow.’

porsche vision renndienst electric minivan

porsche unveils the vision renndienst, a secret all-electric minivan project



project info:


name: porsche vision renndienst

company: porsche

type: concept car