design studio enterfun has introduced a brand new hand warmer device, which also incorporates a mobile phone charger. the cylindrical product is designed to fit perfectly inside the user’s palms, providing 360° heating and extended cellphone battery life. 

energy tube hand warmer 1

all images courtesy of enterfun



the energy tube hand warmer is enterfun’s first product on sale. it is conveniently designed, pocket-sized and easy to carry due to its removable strap. its battery capacity is 4000 mAh, and its heat can be felt within 5 seconds. lasting up to 3-4 hours, the device provides constant high temperature, with a maximum of 58℃.

energy tube hand warmer 2



aluminum extrusion molding process has been adopted for the hand warmer’s construction, making its production cost lower, while limiting the waste of spare material. it is available in three different colors; peach, white and red, allowing users to pick the one that matches their style and preference. the tube-shaped product is a practical, stylish tool, essentially merging a hand warmer and a power bank into one. 

energy tube hand warmer 3

energy tube hand warmer 4

energy tube hand warmer 5

energy tube hand warmer 6

energy tube hand warmer 7

energy tube hand warmer 8



project info:


name: energy tube hand warmer – available here
designer: enterfun



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