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portable and rechargeable microwave by makita heats up cold meals and drinks anywhere

Makita devises a portable and rechargeable microwave


Japanese company Makita imagines people eating warm lunches at work or out of the house, and it has devised a portable and rechargeable microwave to make it happen. The cordless microwave, which can also be used at home, is packed with 40-volt batteries at the back of the appliance, and Makita says that the microwave can work even if only a single battery pack is used (the other can be used as a backup).


The design of the portable and rechargeable microwave resembles a vintage FM radio stereo or a toolbox drawn from its single top handle. Looking behind Makita’s microwave, a dedicated USB slot can charge electronics on the go with its Type-A shape and a max output of 2.4A charging. The operating panel above looks easy enough to make the microwave work, mainly leaning on play-and-pause functions.


There is also an option to switch from 500W to 350W in terms of the power output of the microwave to ensure that the batteries will not quickly drain. The portable and rechargeable microwave can also suit those who are traveling, camping, or in remote places where a source of electricity may be a problem.

portable rechargeable microwave makita
images courtesy of Makita



Reheating 11 lunch boxes and 20 cups of drinks


Makita’s portable and rechargeable microwave may come with shoulder straps, if the user wants to include them in the purchase, so it is easier to lug the lightweight appliance over the shoulder. Opening the microwave, the 8-liter capacity means large lunch and bento boxes can fit in the appliance. The company assures that the flat, square plate inside the microwave can be cleaned by wiping off the flecks of sauce with a moist cloth.


Below the microwave, a sponge filter is nestled in the grill and can be cleaned using a vacuum once it has collected enough dirt and dust. Makita claims that once the user inserts two battery packs in the dedicated slots at the rear, the machine can reheat around 11 lunch boxes and 20 200-ml cups of drinks. When tilted, the portable and rechargeable microwave might not work – it has to be placed on a flat surface.


Forgetful users who have not yet opened the appliance’s door after the food has been reheated may benefit from the beep sound it rings out every after a minute to remind them that they need to take their newly warmed-up lunch box. As of publishing the story, Makita has made the microwave available in Japan at a steep price of 110,000 yen (around 825 USD) excluding tax, battery, and charger.

portable rechargeable microwave makita
should straps can be used to lug the microwave around

portable rechargeable microwave makita
the 8-liter capacity of the appliance allows for big-sized lunch boxes

portable rechargeable microwave makita
the portable and rechargeable microwave can also be used to heat up cold drinks

portable rechargeable microwave makita
its small size makes it easy to bring anywhere

portable rechargeable microwave makita
there’s a dedicated USB slot behind to change electronics


Portable and rechargeable microwave by Makita


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