PORTL: a window to the metaverse


los-angeles startup PORTL offers a window to the metaverse, enabling people to show up in their three-dimensional form on the other side of the globe. and of course without any time delay. david nussbaum, the founder of PORTL, ensures communication of all kinds without struggling. he envisions PORTL M within each household, streaming world-class interactive hologram content and connecting people from all over the world.this hologram-in-a-box offers a portal to the metaverseall images courtesy of PORTL



curious to see real-world objects in virtual 3d? 


the PORTL M provides easy accessibility for volumetric communications between businesses and ordinary people; beaming themselves to a location thousands of miles away. as they mentioned on their site, you can call it telepresence, or even holoportation. 


the M includes an AI-enabled camera on the top, 16GB RAM, and one TB of storage. the company (see more here) claims that PORTL is capable of entertainment, telemedicine, shopping, fitness, and even displaying your NFT collection. the hologram-in-a-box can be adjusted in landscape or portrait orientation, depending on your needs. and is available in two finishes, black or white. last but not least, the M is PORTL cloud-compatible for an enhanced experience.


M will be commercially available in spring coming with a start price of $2000. 


this hologram-in-a-box offers a portal to the metaverse
connect with friends and loved ones as if they were there in person


the metaverse describes a rational evolution of virtual reality, merging the physical space into the digital one. PORTL M does not require specialized glasses or headsets, operating vice versa, by bringing the digital into our physical world — through the holograms. unfortunately, science fiction holograms are still a long way off, but let’s say M is a good starting point. 

this hologram-in-a-box offers a portal to the metaverse

bring your personal trainer at home

this hologram-in-a-box offers a portal to the metaverse
display your NFT collection

this hologram-in-a-box offers a portal to the metaverse
a whole new way to browse and purchase products



project info:


name: PORTL M 

developed by: PORTL