google’s ‘project glass’ brings augmented-reality interfacing to a futuristic glasses-like deviceimage courtesy google




google has released concept photos and video about its ‘project glass‘ initiative: a glasses-like device that interfaces with phone and internet to accomplish tasks like video-calling friends, obtaining GPS directions, take memos or photos. the voice-controlled system includes a camera, microphone, and potentially other sensors like eye-tracking. ‘project glass’ was developed by a team at google[x] comprised of babak parvis, steve lee, and sebastian thrun.  it is set for test trials in public among google employees in the coming months, with no information yet about a potential production model. there are allegedly various styles of glasses that google is testing or developing, and the new york times notes that ‘project glass could hypothetically become project contact lens‘, as team member parvis is a bionanotechnology specialist who recently developed a contact lens with embedded electronics.



concept demo video of ‘project glass’



google project glass: augmented reality glasses closer view of the prototype glasses