prynt smartphone case instantly prints camera photos
images courtesy of prynt




as the first of its kind, the ‘prynt‘ smartphone case transforms an iPhone or android mobile into an instant camera by printing photographs on the go. just like an ordinary cover, it attaches onto the cell phone and fabricates pictures from the gallery or social media with a click of a button, in an incredible 30 seconds. the pink, white or blue device which is compatible with iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and 6, as well as the samsung galaxy S4 and S5, provides a new method of sharing special moments. in addition to this, the experience is made even more unique as images that are scanned by the camera, can come to life in a short augmented reality clip. ‘prynt’ is currently seeking funding via its kickstarter campaign and aims to ship the $49 units for summer 2015.


video courtesy of prynt


compatible smartphones can easily fit into the case




with a click of the silver button, images selected on the phone are printed




the device is available in either pink, white or blue


pictures of special moments are made in half a minute


photographs can be easily shared with friends and family