bluetooth enabled pugz earphones charge wirelessly from a smartphone
all images courtesy of pugz





the recently launched company pugz is seizing the lead in the field of wireless earphones, with a focus on getting them down to size where they feel comfortable without sacrificing performance. after numerous prototypes pugz created earphones that can be charged directly through a smartphone. a full charge takes 40 minutes and provides 4.5 hours of listening time while only using three percent of an iPhone 6’s battery capacity. users can even charge during usage.

pugz-wireless-earphones-designboom-02charge the pugz earphones using a variety of devices




with no attached wires, the lightweight and minimal shape of the earphones give users a custom fit available in two styles of earphone: sealed or leaking. sealed provides passive voice cancellation while leaking permits ambient noise. using bluetooth 4.1, the sound ranges between 8Hz to 29kHz, providing a wide range and deep bass without compromising on treble. pugz is currently on kickstarter and hopes to ship in november 2015.

pugz earphonesthe single wire features a magnetic clip to prevent tangling 


pugz-wireless-earphones-designboom-0418 K gold magnetic connector 


pugz-wireless-earphones-designboom-05includes a remote to control music


pugz earphonesa lighting connect enables iPhone charging


pugz earphonesthe magnetic clip