PUMP. is a project initiated by swiss electrical design company punkt., which challenges students from three top design schools to create a product that promoted electric-assisted cycling in an urban environment. designers from the RCA in london, lausanne’s ECAL and design academy eindhoven all took part, each creating a bike design or accessory specifically tailored to the city in which their design school is situated. the prototypes — each designed to enhance personal mobility in a way that complements the topography and culture of london, lausanne and eindhoven retrospectively—have been on show at milan design week 2017. taking place in milan’s 5VIE design district, punkt.’s fuorisalone project is presented within the courtyard of palazzo litta — a baroque building that dates back to 1761.

plug-and-play’ electrical engine desiged by the student team from ECAL
image courtesy of ECAL



under the guidance of head of masters programme alex brunner, the students from ECAL have planned out the e-CAL 1020, a ‘plug-and-play’ electrical engine that transforms your bicycle into an e-bike. designed with the short distances and steep hills of lausanne in mind, the retro-fit motor harvests downhill breaking energy that is often wasted as heat, storing it ready to power the wheels whenever a bit of extra help is needed. the motor uses no electricity, and is solely re-powered by human effort using a technology similar to the KERS used in formula one.

the retro-fit motor harvests downhill breaking energy for more challenging uphill climbs
image courtesy of ECAL



in planning a bike for the city of eindhoven, the man and activity design department at design academy eindhoven created a ‘bike for two,’ since riding around in pairs is commonplace in the netherlands. the model endorses a smooth, bench-like seat, that means the bike can double up as street furniture whenever the robust side stand is deployed. described as ’conviviality à go-go,’ the ‘bike for two’ also packs a completely concealed motor and built in foot rests.

design academy eindhoven’s bike proposal plays on the dutch tendancy to cycle in pairs
image © designboom



with the busy city of london in mind, the design products masters students at the royal college of art have pitched the EB01. the model is designed as a sharable urban bike, let out by co-working spaces to help professionals get around the city. since removing your saddle is a necessary to prevent theft in the big smoke, RCA have incorporated a battery within the seat, meaning bringing it inside is a handy way to charge up the battery. the integral navigation system is also a must to help non-londoners find their way around.

the ‘bike for two’ has a bench seat that doubles up as street furniture
image courtesy of punkt. 



the PUMP. project is the brainchild of punkt. founder and president petter neby, and john tree, freelance designer and office manager at the jasper morrison office for design in london. visitors to milan design week 2017 have been encouraged to vote for their favorite prototype via instagram, from which punkt. will then pick a winner. 

students at the RCA designed the EB01 to be let out in co-working spaces
image © designboom

RCA have encorporated a battery within the seat
image courtesy of punkt. 

an integral navigation system helps londoners find their way around
image courtesy of punkt. 

bringing the seat inside is a handy way to charge up the battery
image courtesty of punkt.