artefact purple locket uses a modern twist to share meaningful moments
images courtesy of artefact




‘purple’ by artefact, is a 21st century redesign of a locket that connects wirelessly to social networks and receives images and messages from those important to you. unlike other wearable technology that shrinks our phones or just reminds of things we already know, the pendant focuses on deepening relationships. it does this by syncing with major sources such as facebook, instagram and SMS but only shows the information that the user has pre-selected.

the lavaliere offers the wearer a pause from their hectic daily life to smile at special memories




the elegant device continues the century-old use of enabling people to carry around treasured keepsakes of loved ones but also uses computer mechanics to make the interactions more meaningful. a companion app allows you to manage and control what moments to share with those that matter most. to alert the wearer to a new notification, a subtle light visible only from their point of view is emitted.

beauty and technology converge to create a richer experience that fits with our modern times




‘purple’ is jewelry first and technology second as it bridges the gap between the craftsmanship of ornament making techniques and industrial design. the curved lid, the unique chain hook and the clean lines reflect the minimalist aesthetic approach that makes the experience discreet. materials like platinum, silver, gold and brushed brass compliment the smooth black or frosted glass back that is necessary for its inductive charging system. created to help us remember the significant things in our lives, artefact have developed the first prototype of the ‘purple locket as part of its internal innovation program startefact

for centuries, these necklaces have been the token of remembrance, connection and meaning


to use wireless inductive charging, simply leave it in its ceramic energizing bowl


the classical, sophisticated design features a curved lip that alerts the wearer of notifications by emitting light


the controlling app enables users to select whose and what keepsakes are shown on the display


it is available in timeless materials such as platinum, silver, gold and brushed brass




purple brings closer the people we truly care about