the ‘R2-D2’ ultimate collector series LEGO kit

LEGO has just announced the ultimate collector series ‘R2-D2’ kit to let fans recreate the star wars droid out of 2127 LEGO bricks.

the LEGO model measures over one foot (31cm) tall and 7 inches (18cm) wide when assembled. the designers behind the project took care to make the model resemble ‘R2-D2’ as closely as possible: the robot’s head spins 360° without damaging the model; the design features a retractable third leg; and opening two panels on the droid’s front chest releases a pop-out extendable universal computer interface arm and mock circular saw blade, as in the film.

the ‘10225 R2-D2’ kit is available beginning may 2012 for 180 USD. included in the box is a fact plaque and ‘R2-D2’ minifigure.

R2D2 star wars LEGO kit interactive chest details

R2D2 star wars LEGO kit view from below

interview with the designers of the ‘R2-D2’ about the features of and process of developing the model

via the brothers brick