radinn electric powered wakeboard commanded by a wireless handcontrol
images courtesy of radinn




the ‘radinn’ electric powered wakeboard enables riders to fly across the water with the help of the energy-triggering wireless handcontrol. the self-titled product’s efficient jet-propulsion system is governed by the hand-held remote that lets the driver monitor the speed. the board glides along quietly and houses low mass lithium batteries in its lightweight carbon fiber construction. the watersport equipment turns just like a conventional wakeboard but the introduction of electricity empowers a more exciting user experience.


the electric wakeboard acts similarly to how a jet-ski powers across the water
videos courtesy of radinn




other helpful design features are the overall size – that is small enough to carry and fit in a car or boat, and how it is compatible with standard wakeboard-bindings. radinn AB, the shortened combination for radical innovation, is made up of a team of wakeboarding enthusiasts and engineers who have a vision to revolutionize the watersport industry.

the wireless handcontrol allows the rider to command its speed




the device turns similarly to how conventional waterboards do






radinn’s efficient jet-propulsion system creates a quiet ride


conventional waterboard-bindings can be used for the radinn



the board gliding along the lakes of stockholm



[h/t] gizmag