radrover all-purpose electric bike features the rad’est battery pack
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equipped with a long-range 48 volt samsung lithium battery, the all-purpose ‘radrover’ electric bicycle from rad power bikes, offers fuel for 15 – 50 miles, depending on the mode selected, and to a top speed of 20 mph. providing 750 watts of clean energy, the pack which enhances advanced voltaic motor technology, transfers force through a seven-speed shimano drive train. the product is the result of the company’s eight years of experience in the electric vehicle industry, and weighing just 27 kg (61 lbs), is said to be one the lightest battery packs to date. when the in-wheel motor which is compact, maintenance free and discreet, is turned off, the internal freewheel enables the rider to pedal like a standard two-wheeler.


riding around on the radrover
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made from a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, the ‘radrover’ displays style, efficiency, comfort, durability and nimbleness. in terms of leisure, it adds increased comfort using a suspension fork and four-inch wide kenda fatbike tires. these tires enable it to power through snow, sand, mud, grass and any other type of terrain. additional features of the bike, includes; leather ergonomic handbar grips, a high-powered LED headlight and a LCD screen that is also a speedometer, wattmeter and odometer. to find out more about the electric bicycle, check out rad electric bikes’ indiegogo funding campaign.

the black version


with the motor mounted in the rear wheel, traction and stability is increased




side view of the sleek white edition


the preload adjustment knob enables users to tune the forks for their weight and riding style






the LCD display is a speedometer, wattmeter and odometer


close-up of 48 volt samsung lithium battery pack


the bicycle’s features and operation
video courtesy of rad power electric bikes