ralph lauren 4D holographic spring ’15 collection show in central park
images courtesy of ralph lauren




in collaboration with MPC creative, ralph lauren spring ’15 polo line for women is being presented as a ‘4D holographic show’ during the new york fashion week. the runway event uses a water-screen projection that towers above manhattan’s central park, and fuses fad clothes, art and technology. appearing as four-story-tall beautiful mirages, the models will wear the outfits that embrace the diverse spirit of the brand.


the polo spring 2015 4D runway event
videos courtesy of ralph lauren




the high-resolution images beam onto the 60 feet tall and 150 feet wide liquid display, and shows incredible 4D effects. this is thanks to the combination of live-action movement and CG that feature the models visiting the streets of a hyper-real new york. the unique experience is framed by the cityscape and celebrates the grand opening of the polo flagship store on fifth avenue. it takes place on the 8th september 2014, with a public showing the following evening.


the making of the polo 4D show




‘I really wanted to do something big for the new polo women’s brand — something set in the city — that felt modern. we returned to central park, a place I love, and captured the spirit of polo with a truly innovative mix of fashion and technology,’ said ralph lauren.





‘ralph lauren continues to push his company into the future, using technology as a way to keep his brands fresh and innovative and at the cutting edge of modernity,’ said david lauren, executive vice president of global advertising, marketing and corporate communications.

the CG images blend with the live-action of the water display to create a unique experience




multiple elements of each shot were captured simultaneously for the CG






the projections were framed by the surround new york city landsscape




the runway event takes place on the cherry hill lawn on the west side of central park