US open ralph lauren tech polo smart shirt delivers biometric data
images courtesy of ralph lauren




the ralph lauren ‘tech polo’ is a high performance, fashion-forward smart shirt that delivers active biometrics through a worn garment. it was produced along side the canadian company OMsignal whose team of neuroscience, sports medicine and engineering experts have together created a top which itself is the sensor. the wearer’s data is collected by monitors knitted into the product to read biological and physiological information. captured intelligence such as, movement, direction, heartbeat, respiration, stress levels and energy output are stored by a ‘black box’ and transmitted to your smart devices via the cloud. several 2014 US open ball boys are supporting the wearable technology during select matches at the billie jean national tennis center.



‘ralph lauren continues to be at the cutting edge of fashion and culture,’ said david lauren, senior vice president of advertising, marketing and public relations. ‘our goal is to create and reflect the ultimate lifestyle, and we believe that a healthy and active life is an essential part of that. ralph lauren is excited to help lead the industry in wearable technology in this ever-evolving, modern world.’





david brewer, US open tournament director, said there are features in the polo tech shirt that can ‘revolutionize how players train and compete.’ ‘the fact that ralph lauren chose the US open as the venue to unveil its polo tech shirt enhances our tradition as a showcase for innovation,’ said brewer. ‘our vision is that this will transcend sports to help us at every age and in every aspect of life. reaching far beyond just the needs of elite athletes, polo tech will offer innovative technology for all ages and lifestyles to promote general wellness and quality of life.’ the biometric smart tech polo fits like a second skin and not just enhances comfort and agility but also offers the wearer real-time information that could be influential in their training regimes.



the wearable technology is compatible for different sports and training regimes


marcos gorin, the no. 1 singles player for the intercollegiate tennis association wearing the smart top


your smart device displays all the information you need to modify and check on your fitness





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