designer ray mattison revives high-speed commercial flying with skreemr concept
all images courtesy charles bombardier 





designed by ray mattison from design eye-q, the ‘skreemr’ aircraft concept would be launched at high speeds with the aid of a magnetic railgun take-off system. rockets would then increase the aircraft’s speed enough to ignite its main scramjet engine to make it possible to reach speeds over mach 10. scramjet engine designs are being developed right now by both the US and china, and will take years to see them on factory-built drones. if successful, in the distant future they could be used to fly passengers across oceans at high speeds. the ‘skreemr’ would be used as a commercial aircraft to fly from one continent to the next. it would fly five times faster than the french ‘concorde’ and it could carry around 75 passengers. the magnetic railgun could use alternatively sourced clean electricity to launch the aircraft, and the scramjets could ban hydrogen manufactured with hydro-electricity.

ray-mattison-skreemr-aircraft-concept-02the aircraft launching from a rail-gun takeoff system ray-mattison-skreemr-aircraft-concept-03the concept would incorporate scramjet technology ray-mattison-skreemr-aircraft-concept-04it would fly 75 passengers  ray-mattison-skreemr-aircraft-concept-05flight travel would be five times faster than the ‘concorde’  ray-mattison-skreemr-aircraft-concept-06‘skreemr’ would reach speeds of mach 10