in collaboration with radugadesign and, eventum premo created a big data media sculpture at SAP forum moscow 2019. the eye-catching installation, which served as the central piece at the IT conference, processes big data and displays it through the medium of abstract art to make complex mathematics more accessible.

this real-time media sculpture illustrates big data through abstract art designboom

video and images courtesy of eventum premo, radugadesign and



today, big data analytics bring new solutions to people: from effective research to business strategies, from politics to social interaction and cultural development. such data has always been available, but until recently we didn’t know how to make it digital. on the faces of the cube, in the form of generative graphics, the history of the emergence of technologies and related data from 1970 to 2019 is illustrated. 

this real-time media sculpture illustrates big data through abstract art designboom



the team collected data on how technological approaches to managing o- and x-data appeared. o-data (o = operating) is data on the results of companies including accounting, logistics, document management and others from porsche, red bull, jetblue and qualtrics. x-data (x = experience) tells us about the results of the actions of people (customers, employees), about changes around the brand and products. with this cube sculpture, big data-based research can be explained to a wider audience in the form of artistic images. instead of complex graphs and numbers, we see associative graphics that describe mathematical relationships in the language of art.



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project name: SAP big data media sculpture
design: eventum premo, radugadesign and


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