Shipping recyclable electric microcar ‘luvly o’ by parts


Sweden-founded electric microcar Luvly O has developed a city vehicle so small that its components are packed in a kit and shipped in parts so micro-factories within the vicinity of the driver can build the minicar themselves. The flatpack transportation solution enables assembly close to the end-user, a way for the company to reduce carbon emissions and the cost of shipping. Parts of the electric microcar are also interchangeably connectable to make it easier for the builder to assemble its entirety, from pieces of objects to a fully functional recyclable electric vehicle.


Luvly O employs advanced 3D composite sandwich structures that can allow micro-factories to easily assemble the car for the driver. Even if the car parts are lightweight, Luvly says that they are sturdy enough o weather everyday city cruising or out–of–city excursions. The electric car then arrives with its frame but its car parts such as the windows, roof, seats, and dashboard are distributed to the closest micro-factory to the driver. In this way, Luvly can democratize a cost-effective and customizable light-urban vehicle using a flatpack method in car assembly.

luvly o recyclable electric microcar vehicle parts
images courtesy of Luvly



Swappable batteries that can be charged almost anywhere


Luvly is developing light-urban vehicles, or cars that can be driven around the city and in short distances, that are both affordable enough considering their entirety and safe for the driver and passengers. Luvly O steps forward as one of its brainchild, the electric microcar being able to accommodate up to two people inside its spacious, minimalistic cabin. Inside, there is a small display above the modest-sized steering wheel and a flat bar that is wide enough to anchor a tablet or smartphone for navigational and infotainment purposes.


The cushioned seats seem wide and comfortable with their mesh style, and ample leg room is provided to allow the driver and passenger to stretch during a long drive. Luvly O also comes with two swappable batteries that the driver can charge anywhere with a plug such as at home, in the office, or at the café. By creating injectable batteries that can be swapped, Luvly O might be able to guarantee continuous driving without the need to take a break to charge the electric vehicle.

luvly o recyclable electric microcar vehicle parts
recyclable electric microcar Luvly O ships its vehicle parts in a kit



Compact recyclable electric microcar ‘luvly o’ for city driving


Luvly says that the parts of its electric microcar are recyclable and can be made from renewable materials. Given that they are shipped in parts, it is possible that after the car is worn out, the driver can just swing by a micro-factory to disassemble them and send them to proper recycling locations. Luvly O also features energy absorbers that are positioned around the chassis and a sandwich-composite safety cell that protects the passenger.


The electric microcar is also compact and maneuverable which seems to be required to easily navigate city rush hours, traffic jams, and narrow roads. Håkan Lutz, CEO and Founder of Luvly, says that Luvly was founded on the belief that the negative aspects of cars such as environmental harm, cost, danger to pedestrians and other road users, and space inefficiency can be mitigated by combining modern technological solutions with futuristic design.


‘Our light urban vehicles emphasize the values of positive communal living: consideration, temperance, and taking responsibility not just for yourself, not even just for your children, but also for your neighbor,’ he says. ‘With our combination of patented tech innovation and sophisticated licensing and logistics structures, we believe Luvly is poised to become a world leader in the urban transport of the decades ahead.’

luvly o recyclable electric microcar vehicle parts
the car concept is for micro-factories within the driver’s location to build the minicar themselves

luvly o recyclable electric microcar vehicle parts
by shipping the vehicle parts in a kit, it may reduce carbon emissions and cost of shipping and production

luvly o recyclable electric microcar vehicle parts
inside recyclable electric microcar Luvly O

luvly o recyclable electric microcar vehicle parts
recyclable electric microcar Luvly O is a light-urban vehicle



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