digital cinema camera company RED announces the ‘hydrogen one’ smartphone that it calls a ‘holographic media machine’ for viewing and capturing ‘multi-dimensional’ imagery. the device features a 5.7 inch ‘holographic’ display that removes the need to wear cumbersome VR glasses when viewing multi-dimensional content.

RED hydrogen one is the world's first holographic smartphone
all images © RED camera 



in addition to projecting imagery, the RED ‘hydrogen one’ smartphone is also being built a camera for capturing multi-dimensional content. a ‘modular component system’ will allow people to use various attachments for shooting high-quality photographs and videos, including red’s new hydrogen format holographic images. the american manufacturer’s announcement contained a single shadowy teaser-image of the smartphone, and this is how the same image appears with increased brightness, reducing the shadows;

RED hydrogen one is the world's first holographic smartphone



the ‘hydrogen one’ will also be able to function as a ‘command central’ for RED’ cinema cameras, connecting as a multi-dimensional user interface and monitor for the RED camera range. connectivity, charging, and storage-wise, the images reveal the smartphone uses a USB-C port, and has an expandable micro SD card slot. plus it includes a headphone jack. these are all the details for the moment, so we can imagine it will be a little more time before the camera is market-ready. RED plans to start shipping the ‘hydrogen ONE’ in early 2018, and it listed to preorder RED website in a ‘standard’ alumnum model, and a ‘titanium’ model.


‘this incredible retina-riveting display advancement features nanotechnology that seamlessly switches between traditional 2d content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content, and interactive games,’ comments RED.