chris bangle, former BMW head of design, unveils the fully functioning prototype of the ‘REDS’ EV city car ahead of the 2017 LA auto show. destined for inner-city driving in chinese metropolises, the concept – soon to be production model – is said to be designed for traffic jams, focusing its premise on what happens in automobiles during the time that it isn’t being driven, which is estimated to be 90% of the time on average.

2017 LA auto show: REDS EV prototype designed for chinese megacities
the car’s body features inverse sculpted shapes
image courtesy of autocar
(main image courtesy and credited to the verge)



measuring 2.97m in length, the ‘REDS’ electric vehicle maximizes the interior space for passengers, whilst still occupying very little of the road space. following a similar trend to that of other futuristic cars, the inside looks more like a living room than a traditional cockpit. dominating this space is a large 17-inch infotainment screen for the passengers, who’s chairs can rotate and fold down into tables.


the ‘REDS’ EV and its exterior design of colorful, inverse proportions and angles, concludes with a small, tapered off rear. on top, the car features a solar panel that aids its electrical energy, as well as its battery pack, which is surrounded in an aluminum spaceframe. previewed at the 2017 LA auto show, the vehicle will be produced by REDSPACE, a new chinese car company formed by the china hi-tech group corporation.