brightness of the sun harnessed by relio USB light
all images courtesy of relio




for enthusiasts and professionals, lighting can make a great difference in the quality of videos and photographs. relio the tiny USB light wants to help with a full sun spectrum color rendering for every situation. it is available in 3500k, 4500k 96CRI variants, and is capable of emitting up to 200 lumens of warm white light. the brightness quality is aided by a two grade TIR (total internal reflection) which is focused and not wasted, so the optics extract light without artifacts. 


video courtesy of relio






with advanced color evenness, the relio can deliver constant tint and brightness. with universality key, the relio is powered by a standard micro USB and is equipped with a standard camera mount thread, enabling to be attach to pre existing equipment standards. the relio light also embraces PMMA clear masks to allows users to incorporate color gels, which the strong light can pass through even with the deepest filters. manufactured in brescia italy, the body is CNC machined from solid aluminum, and sandblasted by hand. the design takes into account heat sinks to ensure manageable thermal displacement. the relio USB light is current on kickstarter with a november 2015 shipping timeline. 

includes a standard 1/4-20 UNC camera mount 


left shows 80 CRI light source, and the right is the 96 CRI relio  


the relio has a high CRI rating 


relio is powered by a micro USB


relio has 30° and 15° exchangeable lens


the relio has a focused beam that does not scatter


a small acrylic holder to mount colored gels 


CNC machined aluminum body